Korg 01/W 61 Key Synthesizer


The Korg 01 / W digital synthesizer, released in 1991

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The Korg 01 / W digital synthesizer, released in 1991, was the successor to Korg M1, the best-selling synthesizer of all time. The 01 / W offered a ton of improvements over the already amazing M1, including 32-note polyphony, 254 sampled instruments in 6 MB of ROM, and the AI ^ 2 sound engine, which combined several of the AI processing chips found in the M1 and Korg T series. The Korg 01 / W also introduced “Waveshaping”, where samples are modulated non- linearly, producing rich harmonics as a result of distortion. The 01 / W is known for its particularly “warm” and “rich” sound, compared to previous and subsequent Korg synthesizers. Notable 01 / W artists include Phil Collins, Rick Wakeman, Moby , Vangelis, and more.

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